Car Detailing Sydney


Are you looking for a reputable car detailing provider in Sydney? How exactly would you embark on this quest to find your perfect car detailing provider around the area? Ask a mate for recommendations? Or maybe a simple Google search would set you in the right direction wouldn’t it? Not necessarily; if you Google “car detailing Sydney” you’d be faced with a plethora of car detailers in Sydney – whether they’re any good is a different story altogether though!

Save Money with MotorOne

Why not ditch the need for specialized car detailing altogether? Think of all the time and money you could save if you didn’t have to spend as much time cleaning and maintain your car! MotorOne’s high performance car care products aim to do just that! MotorOne’s High performance car care products eliminate the car detailing need. With a range of once off application products, you’ll never have to buy car detailing products again! Think of all the time and cost you’ll save if you never have to worry about car detailing.

Car detailing in Sydney is quite expensive – a basic detailing package could cost you anywhere between $150 to $300 or more, depending on your specific need. Considering the frequency you would need to carry out this detailing, this could add up to a significant amount of money over time.

Once-Off Application

Another factor that we took into consideration when formulating our range of high performance car care products is that traditional car detailing is usually ‘reactive’, meaning that it’s sought often as a result of deterioration of your car’s surface, such as loss of gloss on your car’s paint or interior stains.

Considering these primary dynamics, we at MotorOne designed our new range of high performance car care products to be a once off application, challenging the very concept of ongoing car detailing in Sydney!

This once off application works by forming a protective layer on your car’s interior and exterior surfaces, equipping it with easy cleaning properties that help it to resist dirt and grime. As such, you can eliminate the need to resort to car detailing.

Get In Touch

So if you want more information about our car detailing kits and MotorOne protection, ask you selling dealer about MotorOne, or contact us. And when you drive away in your new car, your complimentary car detailing kit will be waiting for you!