Car Detailing Suppliers


Car detailing sounds simple – surely anyone can detail a car and get a great result.  Simply locate your nearest cardetailing supplier and purchase the products you need. Right?? – WRONG – and if you are a professional car detailer you know that detailing is not only about your expertise, experience and knowledge, but also buying products from a specialist car detailing supplier can be the difference between a good job and an outstanding job!

High Performance Surface Coatings

As Australia’s leading distributor of quality vehicle protection, we know that it’s not just about the finished result the customer sees on delivery of their new car – it is also about the preparation, application techniques and tools needed to get the best possible result.

  • MotorOne high performance surface coating for paint is hand applied which means no buffing.
  • Our high performance surface coatings are exclusive to our accredited agents and distributors and not available from any other car detailing supplier.
  • Our coatings are engineered using the latest nanotechnology resulting in smoother, glossier surfaces.
  • Our extensive training program for pre-delivery and detailing staff ensures a consistent outstanding result each and every time.
  • All our coatings are one-off with no reapplication or on-going inspections required.
  • Backed by our nationwide lifetime warranty.

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