Car Detailing Products


There is an enormous amount of car detailing products available. Visit any auto store and you will be faced with literally dozens of choices of polishes and other car detailing products. Polishes, whilst they may temporarily make your car look good, can often be quite abrasive.

High Performance Surface Coatings

A far better solution is to choose a quality surface coating or paint protection treatment that will eliminate the need to use polishes or waxes.

Time and money saving! MotorOne offer a wide range of vehicle protection including our High Performance Surface Coatings – coatings engineered using nanotechnology that provide superior protection against not just weather induced oxidization and fading, but the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter.

And because our coatings eliminate the need to use polishes or abrasive cleaners, kinder to your paintwork (and the environment).

Complimentary Car Detailing Kit

Many of our High Performance Coatings product ranges also come with a complimentary car detailing kit. Included in your car detailing kit is a range of products that make maintaining your vehicle easy. Many of our kits include our unique Paint Rejuvenator product which:

  • helps build protection and shine
  • all without the abrasive ingredients found in many polishes
  • unlike waxes, it does not evaporate into the environment
  • better for our environment and a better result for you

Interior protection is equally important. Many car detailing products designed for interior cleaning or protection contain significant amounts of silicone.

Once-Off Application

Because MotorOne High Performance Protection for the interior does not contain silicone, it will not contribute to vinyl sweating/polymer fogging which can cause this fogging on glass. Our one-off coatings are a permanent solution to protection for the lifetime of ownership.

Your complimentary car detailing kit is presented on delivery of your new vehicle, meaning you will have the total solution to maintaining and caring for your vehicle all in one attractive gift pack.

Get In Touch

So if you want more information about our car detailing kits and MotorOne protection, ask you selling dealer about MotorOne, or contact us. And when you drive away in your new car, your complimentary car detailing kit will be waiting for you!