Car Detailing Prices


Most of us lose track of how much we are spending on keeping our car looking good. Car detailing prices vary enormously dependent on whether you choose to do it yourself (hard work) or call in a professional (expensive).

So why not eliminate the need to spend additional money on maintaining your car and save yourself the time and effort running around to get the best car detailing prices.

Our Range

MotorOne have a range of vehicle protection solutions with a protection program to every type of car – from that brand new just off the showroom car, to older used cars up to 10 years of age. Our range of High Performance Coatings protect your car inside and out:

  • High Performance Surface Coating eliminates the need to wax and polish – the easy-clean surface makes washing a breeze – no need to spend time trying to find the best car detailing prices. The coating also protects against the costly damage caused by bird droppings & tree sap. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy a glossy, shiny finish without all the hard work?
  • High Performance Interior Coatings protect against permanent staining from common food and drink spills, and protect vinyl & leather surfaces from UV induced cracking & splitting.

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