Car Detailing Perth


MotorOne know how much we all enjoy the look and feel of a new car! Keeping our car looking good for longer is important to most of us. Performance Coatings will protect against ‘environmental’ factors but what about those unavoidable ‘car parking incidents’ scrapes and dents, gutter scrapes on alloys and bumper damage from shopping trolleys? Why not choose a members-only Cosmetic Repairs Program?

Premium Products & Performance

Finding car detailing in Perth that proves to be experienced and have a nationwide warranty doesn’t have to be difficult. With premium products, services and solutions, MotorOne are the forefront in product innovation and high performance solutions, so why not choose MotorOne?

Most common services provided for car detailing are the ‘cut and polish’, where the over time repeated use of any abrasive substances will diminish the paint on the surface over time.

Our quality products eliminate the need the need to wax or polish a car. But with MotorOne products and the one time application, in addition with the self cleaning properties, you don’t need to worry about this happening to your vehicle!

Save Time & Money

Save yourself time and money and see what we have to offer for your needs, browse more on our High Performance Exterior Surface Coating, or view our FAQ for more information.

There are a range of membership terms to suit every vehicle owner and for a small fixed rate repair fee, a fully qualified technician will carry out on-site repairs using the latest repair technology.

All repairs are guaranteed, and there is no limit to the number of repairs available under any of the membership terms.

Another great way to keep your car looking good, helping to preserve and maximize future resale value and as with all MotorOne products – save time and money!

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