Car Detailing Melbourne


Detailing cars can be anything from a wash & polish of the exterior, through to full detailing which may also involve cleaning the interior.

Finding a car detailer that has the necessary expertise to carry out these services can often be a challenge. Almost anyone can open a business as a car detailer and many detailers have no recognized qualification in their field. This is very evident as most capital cities including Melbourne and Sydney have an enormous list of car detailers advertising their services.

One-Off Application

  • no ongoing inspections
  • minimum maintenance requirements
  • truly hassle free
  • comprehensive paint protection solution

The most common service provided by car detailers is a ‘cut and polish’.  Whilst this makes your car look shiny and glossy, over time repeated use of any abrasive substances will diminish the paint on the surface, and more than often lead to swirl marks caused by the use of orbital buffs etc.

The simple fact is that when you choose a Performance Coating to protect your paintwork, your maintenance will be significantly reduced with no need for the ongoing cost in terms of time & money or running around trying to find a skilled car detailer that will care for your car.

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