Car Dent Repair


Picture this – you need to remove a dent from your car. Possibly a shopping centre incident, possibly a little bit of “touch parking”! The reality is car dent repairs are inconvenient and usually result in a lot of running around to get quotes and choose the repairer.

Cosmetics Repair Membership Program

What if you were a member of a MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Membership Program that meant you didn’t have to run around for quotes or worry about choosing the best repairer.

What if you could just pick up the phone or jump on the internet and contact a friendly team member who would arrange for a fully trained car dent repairs technician to visit you at home or at work and remove the dent from your car.

Just one simple click or call and one of our technicians, using the latest global technology in car dent removal will remove the dent from your car, with all our work fully guaranteed.

Damaged Car Dent Before Protection TreatmentDamaged Car Dent After Protection Treatment

Not Just Dent Repairs

MotorOne Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs don’t just include dent repairs. We cover a wide range of cosmetic repairs including bumper scrapes, alloy wheel damage, stone chips, mirror casings and windscreen chips.

Most of our membership programs also include interior repairs such as small holes and tears in fabric, vinyl and leather.

Get In Touch

Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs help keep your car looking good so not only do you enjoy your motoring experience even more, it may also help maximize future resale value. For more about becoming a member, visit the Cosmetic Repair Membership Programs page.