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Are you searching for a way to reduce the time and money you currently spend on maintaining your new car?  Want great car detailing tips?  You need a permanent solution to car care detailing – and the best solution is Protektiv!

Protektiv Vehicle Protection

Protektiv is the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system designed for cars. Protektiv includes a range of high performance coatings that protect and preserve both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  The once-off application significantly reduces maintenance saving you time and money, and because Protektiv coatings prevent environmental damage, can also contribute to maximizing future resale value of your vehicle.

Protektiv Benefits

  • Protektiv paint surface coating protects against oxidisation, fading and discolouration, and most importantly prevents the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap, water marks and sunscreen.
  • Protectiv paint surface coating eliminates the need to wax or polish your vehicle just wash as required.
  • Protektiv delivers the latest global technology with a paint surface coating that combines silica dioxide (for outstanding shine and protection), with ceramic (highly resistant to abrasion, exceptional heat tolerance and durability)
  • Protektiv interior coatings protect all surfaces including leather, vinyl and fabric our water based purpose built formulas are environmentally friendly and solvent-free.
  • Protektiv complete protection will eliminate the need for professional and costly car care detailing – the easy clean surfaces make keeping your car looking good a breeze!
  • And, all Protektiv coatings are backed by a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty from Australia’s leading distributor of quality car care products MotorOne. We have an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and performance.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

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Search no more for car detailing tips – Contact us and learn more about Protektiv and how you too can start enjoying having more time to do the things you really want to do.