Car Care Australia


Because cars in Australia are exposed to a wide range of often harsh conditions, when researching car care for your vehicle, make sure you choose a car care product that has been developed and extensively tested to withstand these conditions.

There are a number of important issues to consider when choosing car care in Australia including making sure the product distributor is providing not just the best quality products, but also that these products are backed by a nationwide warranty.

MotorOne are the leading distributor of car care in Australia. MotorOne performance coatings are available through authorized dealerships nationally and carry a nationwide warranty.

This means that no matter where you are in Australia, you can be confident that because your vehicle has been treated with Australia’s leading brand of car care, you can find service and back-up.

The Best Car Care Products

Consider our High Performance Exterior Surface Coating which will protect against the harsh weather conditions of Australia.

Have your vehicle treated with our surface coating, which:

  • contains self-cleaning properties
  • which in turn, protects against the damage caused by environmental factors
  • and comes with a lifetime warranty*
  • a product that needs to be applied once
  • instead of manually having to apply and polish on a regular basis

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