BMW Paint Protection


If you’re the owner of a BMW vehicle, you know you drive one of the most advanced pieces of aerodynamic engineering. However, if you’re looking to get paint protection for BMW vehicles, or a paint protection film, you must ensure you have a professional application that protects every inch of your vehicle!

Protektiv Paint Protection Price

This is where Protektiv shines! Being engineered in Germany (just like your BMW vehicle) and made of a combination of nano particles and silica dioxide, the coating is tough yet flexible around the sharp contours of your BMW’s aerodynamic body – it’s a once-off application for a lifetime* of protection.

Check out how this blue water demonstration – Protektiv provides a hydrophobic surface, where water simply slides off the paintwork taking dirt and contaminants with it…making your car cleaner for longer!

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

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Protektiv has been certified to meet the Boeing D6-17487 specification, making it the most preferred option for BMW paint protection. These great features make it the most preferred option for BMW paint protection, as not only does it help maintain exterior, leather or vinyl interior and fabric and carpets, it protects the resale value of your BMW vehicle for years to come.

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