Best Paint Protection for Cars


Recently purchased or are considering a new vehicle, then no doubt finding the best way to look after and maintain the vehicle would be important to you.

Most of us would agree that saving time and money is important, so the simple solution is to choose a quality paint protection for your car that will not only help preserve the appearance of the vehicle, but significantly reduce the amount of time needed to keep it looking good.

Choose The Best

To get the best results, you need to choose the best paint protection. There are a wide range of car maintenance products available, ranging from low cost polishes to some of the more expensive waxes.

A far more permanent solution is to choose a quality paint protection that will eliminate the need for polishing or waxing for the lifetime of ownership of the vehicle.

The Leading Distributor

MotorOne are the leading distributor of quality vehicle protection, offering the best car paint protection products available in Australia. Our range of protection can be tailored to the age and type of vehicle you choose.

And for new vehicles, our Performance Coatings range is engineered using nanotechnology. At MotorOne we are constantly investing in research and development, responding to changes in environment, paint technology and of course lifestyle trends.

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

Get Proven Results

With hundreds of satisfied customers, Protektiv HYDRO is a nano ceramic paint coating that has been proven in the real world – read some of the testimonials to see for yourself. Enquire now for an obligation free consultation with your closest dealer.