Auto Paint Protection


You wouldn’t drive your new car without insurance, so why would you drive without protecting the paintwork on your new car? Auto paint protection is an important consideration when choosing your new car.  You need to consider performance, brand reputation & warranty.

Protektiv HYDRO - Nano Ceramic Protect

Protektiv from MotorOne is the world’s most advanced vehicle protection system for cars.  So why is Protektiv superior to most other brands of auto paint protection?

  • The combination of silica dioxide (used in glass & crystalware) and ceramic nano particles deliver a durable hard coating with outstanding shine and extreme resistance to abrasion.
  • Unlike many auto paint protection formulas Protektiv does not require any rejuvenation or reapplication.
  • Tested and certified to Boeing D6-17487 standards
  • Super hydrophobic properties of the coating help keep cars looking cleaner for longer.
  • Easy-clean surface saves time and money.
  • Backed by the MotorOne Nationwide Lifetime Warranty*

Tested, Tested & Tested Again

Get Proven Results

Protektiv from MotorOne offers you a permanent solution to caring for your new car. And unlike many types of traditional auto paint protection, Protektiv does not require any rejuvenation or reapplication – you are protected for the lifetime of ownership of your new car.

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*warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.