Auto Detailing Chemicals Suppliers


If you are employed in a dealership or auto shop as a professional detailer no doubt you want to find the best auto detailing chemicals suppliers – you want reliable products that give you the best result. As a professional detailer you also know that it is not just about cleaning cars, it is more about the long term maintenance.

The Solution

Protection from environmental damage is a must – even the best quality detailing products can’t undo the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter.  MotorOne have the solution.

We’re are Australia’s leading distributor of quality vehicle protection with a range of high performance coatings that protect the exterior paintwork and interior surfaces including leather, vinyl and fabric.

Most auto detailing chemicals suppliers only focus on cleaning – at MotorOne our philosophy is protection rather than detection!

The Range

  • High performance Surface Coating for paintwork – protect against oxidization, discolouration & fading, and the costly damaged caused by a wide range of environmental contaminates.
  • High performance interior protection including our lanolin-based Leather Preserver that not only protects leather against cracking, splitting and discolouration but helps soften leather protecting the natural beauty of the interior.
  • Fabric & Carpet Protection that includes our unique anti-bacterial system Bactishield which protects against mould, mildew and harmful bacteria which can contribute to odours in the vehicle.
  • MotorOne have an enviable reputation for service, quality and are the trusted name in vehicle protection.

Contact Us

Contact your local dealer if you have any further queries regarding our premium products, and enjoy the benefits of Australia’s leading brand of quality car care.