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Motorists who care use autocare products. So, what are autocare products? MotorOne are Australia’s leading distributor of protection products developed specifically for our harsh Australian climate that save you time, money and effort.

Our Extensive Range of Automotive Protection

  • High Performance Surface Coating – protects against the damage caused by bird & bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatter; prevents weather induced discolouration, oxidization and fading.
  • High Performance Interior Protection – a range of coatings to protect fabric, carpet, leather and vinyl surfaces against permanent staining and UV damage including cracking & splitting on leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Electronic Rust Protection – protects against perforation rust in vehicles with a model to suit every vehicle.
  • High Performance Window Films – your solution to family care and autocare – window films block 99% of harmful UV.
  • SMART Membership Program – our cosmetic repair program that gives members access to a wide range of member-only benefits including on-site repair of small pressure dents, surface scuffs, bumper scrapes, alloy wheel scrapes and more.  SMART membership – a must in autocare for those who really care about the appearance of their car.

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