Anti Glare Film


Anti glare window film is a great addition to any car. Whether you’re after the darkest legal tint for a sleek and sporty look or a clear anti glare window film for a near factory fresh look, our range of films are sure to deliver.

A Range Of Anti Glare Films For Any Vehicle

With a range of tint shades available to choose from, our anti glare film for glass windows are suitable for any car, SUV or commercial vehicle. And the benefits of anti glare window film don’t just stop at reducing glare –

  • Exceptional UV rejection for great protection against prolonged UV exposure.
  • Improves comfort in the warmer months by rejecting heat build-up.
  • Enhances your privacy by limiting visibility from outside.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty* for peace of mind.
Car Window Film Before InstallationCar Window Film After Installation

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