Alloy Wheel Repair


To create a stylish look, many car manufacturers today include alloy wheels fitted to current models.  Alloy wheels look great; they add value and style to any vehicle. But what happens when we scrape an alloy wheel?

Cosmetic Repair Membership Program

Because car alloy wheel repair is often costly and means leaving the car with a repairer for anything up to half a day, many car owners choose not to have the alloy wheel repaired and as a consequence, scraped wheels distract from the appearance of the vehicle and ultimately any future resale value.

For those who want a convenient, money and time saving solution to having alloy wheels repaired, the answer is simple. MotorOne’s Cosmetic Repair Membership Program. At MotorOne we use the latest alloy wheel repair technology to repair scrapes and scratches on alloys, and the best news is that the repairs can be carried out on-site at work or at home.

Damaged Car Rim Closeup Before TreatmentCar Rim Closeup After Treatment

Fully Trained Technicians

Our fully trained alloy wheel repair technicians can carry out car alloy wheel repairs on most makes and models; with an outstanding finish that restores the look of your alloys for a fraction of the cost most alloy wheel repairers charge.

Our Membership Customer Service Team receive dozens of calls daily for car alloy wheel repair. Our experienced, professional and caring technicians carry out alloy wheel repair, helping restore your wheel and recreate that stylish look you enjoyed when you drove your car off the showroom floor.

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Learn more about how we can restore damaged alloys using the latest alloy wheel repair technology as well as a wide range of cosmetic repairs that include bumper & exterior mirror scuffs, pressure dents, stone chips, windscreen chips and more.