Ceramic Pro


Protektiv surface coatings are our answer to Ceramic Pro. Being Boeing D6-17487 certified, Protektiv HYDRO has been tested, proven and certified to the most stringent standards, and is superior in almost every possible aspect.

Protection Inside and Out

Protektiv paint surface coating is an excellent alternative to Ceramic Pro car coatings, and can be applied alongside our superior range of interior products. This results in a complete inside and outside protection system, which works day after day, season after season to keep your car looking factory fresh.

Protektiv HYDRO is manufactured using nano particles and silicon dioxide (the same material used in glass manufacture), resulting in a revolutionary high gloss finish that is extremely resistant to high temperatures and abrasion. And being a one-off professionally installed product, Protektiv HYDRO is applied in a similar manner as Ceramic Pro wax, and comes with a national lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

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Browse through hundreds of Protektiv HYDRO customer testimonials and compare for yourself against ceramic pro reviews to see how Protektiv HYDRO outperforms virtually all competitors in real life tests.

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